How to Escape Prague’s Tourist Crowds

Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy Prague outside of the center during your next visit to the Golden City

Crowds waiting to see the Astronomical Clock move at the top of each hour

Beer gardens

No better way to experience the life of locals than at a beer garden. Spring, summer, and any warm fall days are spent with friends over a few beers enjoying the outdoors. Of course, beer isn’t the only option — but the Czech’s drink more beer than anyone else in the world, so it’s in your best interest to join in!

Hipster Spots

A true traveler knows that you have to get yourself to where the locals live to see the real city. Prague’s Letna and Žižkov regions are great places to start.

A view of Žižkov from Vitkov Hill


A true Czech national treasure, pilsner beers have a special place in the Czech culture. Sure you can find lots of unique beer’s in the center — but venture out a little bit and you’ll find more special (and cheaper!)

Looking for more? An easy option to see new parts of Prague is to find a list of David Cerny’s public art pieces. He is a famous sculptor and tends to leave you with something to think about. You can find the addresses of his work in Prague and explore the city just by finding them!

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